Missouri S&T Free Spring 2017 Film Festival


Tuesday evenings @ 7:00 pm - Leach Theatre, Castleman Hall

January 24 – DON'T THINK TWICE
GILLIAN JACOBS, KEEGAN-MICHAEL KEY. Directed by MIKE BIRBIGLIA. In New York City, a close-knit improv comedy troupe hones their craft nightly in front of small audiences. But when one of their number is unexpectedly cast in a national TV sketch comedy show called “Weekend Live,” the bonds between the rest of the group are tested as each is forced to grapple with their dreams of becoming famous and what they really want out of life. R—2016

January 31 – DENIAL
RACHEL WEISZ, TOM WILKINSON, TIMOTHY SPALL. Directed by MICK JACKSON. Denial is based on the true story of acclaimed historian Deborah Lipstadt, whom Holocaust denier David Irving sued for libel in 1996. To win her case, she had to show that irving is a liar by proving that the Holocaust happened. Equal parts courtroom drama and meditation on history, Denial is a timely look at the relationship between evidence and belief. PG-13-2016

February 7 – THE ASSASSIN
CHEN CHANG, QI SHU. Directed by HOU HSIAO-HSIEN. In 8th century China, general's daughter Nie Yinniang was raised by a nun to become an exceptional assasin. After mercifully sparing a target's life, her mistress orders her to kill the man to whom she was once betrothed. Returning to her home province after years of exile, she must choose between duty and the man she once loved. A contemplative send-up to classic Chinese martial arts films featuring some of the most ravishing cinematography and costumes you'll ever see. Unrated- 2-015. In Mandarin with English subtitles. Introduciton by Will Wang Weibin, scholar of chinese film.

February 14 – BROOKLYN
SAOIRSE RONAN, EMORY COHEN, DOMHNALL GLEESON.Directed by JOHN CROWLEY. Saoirse Ronan stars as Eilis Lacey, an Irish immigrant who arrives in Brooklyn in 1951, where, despite homesickness, she makes friends and falls in love with a yourn Italian-American man. When tragedy strikes her family back in Ireland, she finds herself forced to choose between her old life and her new one. A sharply-written, life-affirming tale about how hard it is to leave home, and how hard it is to go back. PG-13--2015

February 21 – METROPOLIS
GUSTAV FROHLICH, BRIGITTE HELM. Directed by FRITZ LANG. Universally revered as one of the most visionary and influential films ever made, Metropolis tells the story of a future in which the working class toils miles underground while the weatlthy frolic in pleasure gardens. When the son of the city's mastermind falls in love with Maria, leader of the workers, his father plots to stamp out her influence by replacing her with a robot lookalike. Not Rated--1927

YO-YO MA and the SILK ROAD ENSEMBLE. Directed by MORGAN NEVILLE. In this joyous documentary, world-renowned cellis Yo-Yo Ma and the dynami musicians of Silk Road Ensemble travel the world combine theri musical traditions to vivacious new sounds, and share stories of surviving oppression through art, setting an exzample for how creativity can unite us despite everything. PG-13--2015

HARUKA AYASE, MASAMI NAGASAWA. Directed by HIROKAZU KOREEDA. Three twentysomething sisters have lived together since their dad left home for another woman. When they learn of his death, they half-heartedly travel to his funeral. But there, they meed their 13 year old half sister for the first time. Seeing that her mother is in no place to look after her, they invite her to come live with them. A lyrical, lovely film about growing up. PG-2015. In Japanese with English Subtitles.

March 14 – 45 Years**
CHARLOTTE RAMPLING, TOM COURTENAY. Directed by ANDREW HAIGH. Geoff and Kate, an English couple in their golden years, are making preparations to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary. An unexpected letter arrives, informing Geoff that the body of the woman he'd been in love with in the 1960's has just been found in a Swiss glacier where she'd gone missing on a hike 5 decades earlier. Though the couple tries to move on, ghosts from the past come rushing in, testing the strength of their love for each other. R--2015

March 21 – SON OF SAUL
GEZA ROHRIG. Directed by LASLO NEMES. Saul Auslander is a Sonderkommando in Auschwitz: a prisoner forced to corral other prisoners into the gas chambers. When he discovers the body of boy that he believes to be his own son, he attempts the impossible: to give the boy a proper Jewish burial. A first-person journey through hell on earth. Winner of the Oscar for Best Foreign Film. R--2015. In Hungarian with English subtitles. Introduction by Dr. Shannon Fogg, chair of S&T's History Dept.

JEFF BRIDGES, BEN FOSTER, CHRIS PINE. Directed by DAVID MACKENZIE. When Texas Midlands Bank moves to repossess his late mother's ranch, unemployed oil and gas worker Toby Howard teams up with his ex-con brother to rob a series of banks to cover the loan. A gritty and timely tale about the theft of the American dream from the rural working class. R--2016.

PAUL DANO, DANIEL RUDCLIFFE. Directed by DAN KWAN & DANIEL SCHEINART. Hank, a man stranded on a desert island contemplating suicide, sees a corpse washed up on the beach. Befriending it and naming it "Manny," Hank discovers that not only can this corpse talk, but it also possesses a range of scatological supernatural abilities. Possibly the wildest and surreal-est movie you'll ever see. R--2016

April 18 – LO AND BEHOLD **
ELLEN MUSK, LAWRENCE KRAUSS. Directed by WERNER HERZOG. Veteran director Werner Herzog, having now made a film on all seven continents, delivers a documentary on humanity's weirdest frontier yet: cyber space. Beginning with the machine that sent the first message over the internet, Herzog explores connected topics ranging from artificial intelligence to online harrassment to space exploration. PG -13--2016

JULIAN DENNISON, SAM NEILL, RIMA TE WIATA. Directed by TAIKA WAITITI. In this over-the-top but touching comedy, a rebellious kid and his gruff foster uncle form an unlikely friendship and trigger a national manhunt when they decide to run off together into the New Zealand bush. PG-13--2016

Campus Performing Arts Series presents a world-class ballet company performing Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beautiy live in Leach Theatre. This performance begins at 7:30pm. Tickets must be purchased at the Leach Theatre box office. Adults $40, Youth $35.


**Screening will be shown in 104 Physics at 7:00 pm