Missouri S&T Free Fall 2017 Film Festival


Tuesday evenings @ 7:00 pm - Leach Theatre, Castleman Hall

TARAJI P. HENSON, OCTAVIA SPENCER, JANELLE MONAE. Directed by THEODORE MELFI. The fascinating untold story of the black women who worked as mathematicians, engineers and computer scientists behind the scenes at NASA during the space race, overcoming prejudice to put Americans into orbit and beyond. PG-2016

September 5 – ARRIVAL
AMY ADAMS, JEREMY RENNER, FOREST WHITAKER. Directed by Denis Villeneuve. When 12 alien spacecraft suddenly appear at different points around the globe, linguist Louise Banks must race against time to translate their language before war breaks out. Equal parts thriller and philosophical rumination on the nature of communicaiton. R-2016

CASEY AFFLECK, MICHELLE WILLIAMS, LUCAS HEDGES. Directed by KENNETH LONERGAN. In the aftermath of a seismic family tragedy, loner Lee Chandler is unexpectedly made guardian of his brother's son. A stirring examination of guilt, human fallibility and the road to healing winner Best Actor and Best Screenplay Oscards. R-2016

September 19 – JACKIE
NATALIE PORTMAN, BILLY CRUDUP, PETER SARSGAARD. Directed by PABLO LARRAIN. In the days following JFK's assassination, with fragments of the trauma still echoing in memory, Jackie sits down with a reporter to secure the Camelot legacy. Chile's greatest director brings poetry and rare perception to his English language debut. R-2016

September 26 – THE GENERAL
BUSTER KEATON, MARION MACK. Directed by BUSTER KEATON AND CLYDE BRUCKMAN. When spies break through the lines to steal a locomotive, underdog Johnnie Gray must pursue them single-handedly to get back his train, and , almost accidentally, his girlfriend too. Full of iconic daredevil stunts and universally acclaimed as one of the best films of all time. G-1926

October 3 – MOONLIGHT
MAHERSHALA ALI, NAOMIE HARRIS, ALEX HIBBERT. Directed by BARRY JENKINS. In three vignettes from childhood, adolescence and young adulthood, we witness the troubled and profoundly poetic coming-of-age of Chiron, a black boy from Miami. Timely and timeless, Moonlight won the Oscar for Best Picture. R-2016

NILBIO TORRES, ANTONIO BOLIVAR, JAN BIJVOET. Directed by CIRO GUERRA. In the Amazon in 1909, last-of-his-tribe shaman Karamakate must rescue an ailing German scientist by helping him find a sacred plant. 30 years later, an American finds Karamakate while retracing the scientists las steps, and the two set out on a journey NR-2015. In many languages, with English subtitles. Will screen in 104 Physics.

SASHA LANE, SHIA LaBEOUF, RILEY KEOUGH. Directed by ANDREA ARNOLD. The story of Star, a rootless teenage girl who joins a crew of traveling magazine sellers as they meander through the Midwest getting into trouble. A long, strange trip through the desperate landscapes of America in the 21st Century. R-2016

AMY ADAMS, JAKE GYLLENHAAL MICHAEL SHANNON. Directed by TOM FORD. In this stylish take on nature of storytelling, an art gallery owner receives the manuscript of a novel by her ex-husband. As she reads its dark tale of murder and revenge, she reflects on her past and finds she cannot put it down. R-2016

October 31– COLOSSAL
ANNE HATHAWAY, JASON SUDEIKIS. Directed by NACHO VIGALONDO. In this affectionate and bizarrely clever send-up of old Godzilla-stylemonster movies, and alcoholic party girl hitting rock bottom discovers that, against all logic, she might have something to do with a giant monster laying waste to Seoul. R-2016

November 7 – I, DANIEL BLAKE
DAVE JOHNS, HAYLEY SQUIRES. Directed by KEN LOACH. After suffering a heart attack aging carpenter Daniel Blake finds himslef trapped inside England's welfare bureaucracy. After befriending a young single mother also suffering at the hands of an inhuman system, he decides to take a stand and fight back.

November 14 – I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO
SAMUEL L. JACKSON. Directed by RAOUL PECK. Director Raoul Peck overlays excerpts fo writer/activist James Baldwin's unfinished novel "Remember This House" on a cornucopia of archival footage to tell the ongoing story of America's civil rights struggle. Eye-opening, damning and exhilarating. R-2016

November 28 – TONI ERDMANN
PETER SIMONISCHEK, SANDRA HULLER. Directed by MAREN ADE. In the year's most acclaimed foreign film, a prankster father tries to reconnect with his businesswoman daughter by donning a disguise and posing as a life coach. Equal parts awkward comedy and sincere investigation of intergenerational values. R-2016. In German with English subtitles.

December 5 – 20th CENTURY WOMEN
ANNETTE BENNING, GRETA GERWIG, ELLE FANNING. Directed by MIKE MILLS. Santa Barbara, 1979. A single mother raising a teenage son enlists the help of two younger women to shepherd him into adulthood. A poetic and often very funny reflection on a society re-examining the meanings of love, freedom and maturity. R-2016.


**Screening will be shown in 104 Physics at 7:00 pm