Student Opportunities

As with any student at S&T, arts, languages, and philosophy students have a wealth of opportunities to get involved on campus outside of traditional classroom settings.

Design Teams

Consider joining a student design team. Team membership is open to, and encouraged of S&T students of all academic majors, not just engineering. Team-based learning blends traditional classroom instruction with the critical “outside-the-box” thinking necessary to be successful in a fast-paced development project.


Student Organizations

Missouri S&T offers numerous opportunities for you to develop your leadership skills in any of 200-plus recognized student organizations.


Cooperative Education

S&T’s Cooperative Education Program is designed to provide you, as a student, with the opportunity to gain practical degree-related work experience prior to graduation. The program is set up so you can take a break from studies and work full-time for one or a combination of semesters. Approximately 100-150 employers hire S&T co-op students annually.

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Study Abroad

Whether you are a student thinking of spending some time abroad, an international student wishing to experience S&T for a semester or a faculty member looking for faculty-led programs, you can visit S&T's international and cultural affairs office to learn all about the university's study abroad programs.

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Career Opportunities and Career Fair

S&T's Career Opportunities center is one of the best in the country, and can provide you will all of the job preparation services you need to land that dream job, including resume writing workshops, mock interviews and even a suit closet! The university also boasts one of the largest biannual career fairs in the Midwest. Don't miss out on all of these networking and job opportunities.

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