Areas of Study


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There are various avenues to experience and study art throughout college, but the most effective way is by taking an art course from our program. We offer courses in art appreciation, art history and film, as well as courses in design, painting and photography. We also offer minors in art, studio art, and theater and film.


We offer courses in Spanish, German, Russian and French, where students can also earn a minor in any of these areas. We are a faculty dedicated to our students, fostering their ability to converse on an elementary level just after two semesters of study.


In Arts, Languages. and Philosophy, students may work with an advisor to write their own degree programs, combining Missouri S&T's general B.A. degree  requirements with two or three focus areas to design a curriculum reflecting their own interests and needs.


You are invited to become a member of some of Missouri S&T's most exciting, fun and challenging organizations. Whether you are incoming freshman, a member from last year or from years past, there is a place for you in one or more of the bands, orchestras and choirs. We also offer a minor in music.


Students can earn a B.S. degree in philosophy. We also offer minors in philosophy and philosophy of technology. The study of philosophy emphasizes the understanding of ideas, the capacity to identify assumptions and the ability to gain insights into problems and puzzles.

two actors dancing


We offer courses in media production and performance, theater appreciation and special projects. Students, community and faculty are involved in these productions. We also offer a minor in theater.