We offer a theatre minor!

Missouri S&T's Theatre Program

Why Theatre at an Engineering University?

‌Employers want more from their prospective employees

They want people who possess “soft skills”;  those with the ability to communicate clearly and effectively, who are able to give great presentations, who have a dedicated work ethic. A theatre minor will enhance those skills, and give you an opportunity to show that you are well-rounded.  Research shows that skills learned while involved in a theatre program transfer naturally to desired skills that employers are asking for.

Acting/Tech or both?

We offer opportunities for acting or work with technical aspects for the Leach Theatre Stage, in the Black Box, in improvisation and Dinner Theatre. Our students consider the theatre program a place to decompress after tough courses of the day.  

All of our courses serve as humanities credits

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Miner League Theatre Players

As a member of the Miner League Theatre Players, you'll have opportunities to act and/or work on technical projects. We seek to entertain, but   more importantly, we seek to create opportunities to grow for actors   and audience alike. We are a diverse group of all ages and talents, and welcome new students to join us in presenting five to seven shows per year. 

We are cognizant of students' tough schedules, and seek to keep rehearsals short and productive/we can often work around your schedules, and encourage you to try us out!

Stop by 130 Castleman Hall anytime to talk to Jeanne about how you can be involved.

 Or e-mail:  Jeanne Stanley or Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw, our technical director and lecturer, offers specially tailored independent studies, leads set and tech direction for the shows, and teaches Stagecraft & Entertainment Design.
Jeanne Stanley, director and assistant professor, offers special and independent
study courses.  She directs all except the directors' show, and teaches all other theatre classes.

1st meeting 2013    Our August, 2013 Theatre Interest Meeting


Our campus is also home to the Psi Nu cast of Alpha Psi Omega, the national theatre honor society. Learn more here.


Theatre Minor

A minor in theatre requires a minimum of 15-18 hours comprised of the following courses:

1) Theatre 2141-Acting One
2) Theatre 1142-Stage Productions-Performers or Theatre 220-Theatre Ensemble
3) Theatre 1143-Stage Productions-Technicians
4) Theatre 3243-Stagecraft
5) Theatre 1190– Theatre Via Video (Humanities credit)

In addition to the courses listed above, the student is required to choose a concentration and complete the following, dependent on the concentration choice:

1) Theatre 3241-Acting Two
2) Theatre 4341-Directing
3) Theatre 3243-Entertainment Design OR Music 11-Individual Music Instruction

Technical Theatre
1) Theatre 3243-Entertainment Design
2) Theatre 3241-Acting Two or THE 341-Directing

"The theatre program is my sanity." -Nate Eloe, Graduate Student    "It’s my second home." —Emily Paddick, Junior