Multidisciplinary Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies (abbreviated BA MS) reflects S&T’s recognition that technological change, both in the modern workplace and, to a lesser extent, in our leisure lives, increasingly cuts across the traditional boundaries of degrees and disciplines. Offered through the Department of Arts, Languages, and Philosophy, this degree permits students whose interests cross these boundaries to combine courses in two or three different  “focus areas”  to create a coherent and academically sound non-traditional program of study.

A minimum of 120 credit hours with an average of at least two grade points per credit hour is required for a BA MS degree.  At least 45 credit hours of the student’s work must be taken at the upper-class level (S&T courses numbered 200 or above).

All students in the BA MS program will complete the general education requirements below and generally comply with the requirements for the BA degree. 

 GENERAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS                                              

 Basic Skills and Concepts (30 credits)

   A. Composition: English 1120 and English 1160 or 1600.

   B. Western Civilization—History 1100 and 1200  

   C.  Foreign Languages:  11/ 12 credits of one or 16 (8+8) credits of two (See catalog for detailed BA requirements).

   D. Speech 1185

   E. CompSci: 1570 and 1580 or 1971 and 1981.

Math and Science (13 credits)
3 credits of Biological Science, 3 credits of Physical Science, 1 credit Science Lab, 3 credits in Math or statistics beyond college algebra, and one other 3 credit science or math course.

Human Institutions (24 credits)

12 hours of Humanities—at least one course in each of 3 fields selected from History, Etymology, Fine Arts (exclusive of performance or studio courses), Literature, Philosophy, or Speech and Media Studies.

12 hours of Social Sciences: must include at least one course in each of two fields selected from Economics, Political Science, and Psychology.

Experiential Learning Requirement
All undergraduate students in the multidisciplinary studies program must also complete the experiential learning requirement. 

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In lieu of the traditional major/minor requirements, students will complete two  (at a minimum, 24 and 21 hours respectively) or three (at a minimum, 15 hours each)  focus areas chosen from among the various disciplines  and exclusive of the general education requirements above. GPA requirements for each area are the same as those for major fields. BA MS students will also complete a 3-hour capstone course (ALP 4397) that reflects the students’ ability to synthesize methods and knowledge from each focus area into an academically coherent product.

Free electives may be chosen if needed to complete a total of 120 credit hours for the degree.

Students design their multidisciplinary programs in coordination with a multidisciplinary studies advisor in the Department of Arts, Languages, and Philosophy. For each program, the advisor will work with the student to convene and chair a degree committee consisting of one faculty member from each focus area.  Students in the program are expected to develop a sensible rationale for their course of study, justifying both the combination of disciplines and each course chosen within that combination in the context of their own needs and interests. Individual programs and capstone course activities are subject to the approval of the degree committee.

Residency requirements, if any:
 The Student Academic Regulations for Missouri S&T state that a student must complete the last 60 hours of the degree in residence; however provision exists for up to an additional 15 hours to be taken off campus with departmental approval. Off-campus hours beyond 15 require the recommendation of the ALP Department Chair and approval by the Provost.

Multidisciplinary Studies Advisors

Dr. Patrick Gamez

Assistant Professor

Dr. Audra Merfeld-Langston

Department Chair, Associate Professor of French