Audition Materials

Wind Symphony and Symphony Orchestra Auditions for Spring 2024

Auditions are Tuesday, Nov. 14

To perform with the Wind Symphony or Symphony Orchestra (winds and percussion) in the spring semester, students must complete an audition. Sign up sheets are on the lockers outside the band room in 137 Castleman Hall.

Click on the links below to download the audition material for your instrument. Please read the instructions carefully. Orchestra basses are welcome to audition for Wind Symphony (audition material is in the tuba page). If you have questions, email Dr. Samson at 

We use outside judges for auditions, so please sign up for the earliest time possible and arrive at your selected time. For those of you in Marching Band, there WILL NOT be a rehearsal that day. If you have an issue with the audition date, email Dr. Samson. A.S.A.P.

Links to download audition materials:

Flute/Piccolo      Oboe     Clarinet     Eb Clarinet     Bass Clarinet     Contra-Bass Clarinet     Bassoon     

Alto Sax    Tenor Sax     Bari Sax     Trumpet     French Horn    Trombone     Baritone (Treble Clef)     

Baritone (Bass Clef)     Tuba     Percussion